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Become a Tax Consultant
  • Become a Consultant

    Would you like to make some extra money this tax season? Come join a winning team as one of our Tax Consultants. No experience necessary, we will train! […]

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  • Refund Advantage

    We are NOW offering $500-$1000 Cash Advance for qualified taxpayers. Refundo gives taxpayers an opportunity to feel less pressure from bills or to make ends meet…Why wait until […]

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  • Bookkeeping Services

    No small business is too small to get the help it needs with its bookkeeping needs. Integrity Tax Services is proud to deliver quick, accurate bookkeeping to help make your taxes […]

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Integrity Tax Service

Integrity Tax Services guarantees we are here to support you and give you the help you need. Whether it is filing your delinquent tax returns, resolving your tax debt, contesting income tax audits or ending the harassment from the IRS, Integrity Tax Services can save and protect your hard earned money!